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    New exhaust Full Termignoni

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    awesome bike, congrats.

    Good videos too, keep the good work ;)

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    Winter Season 3/3

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    Time to little update

    I already done one of my "Wanted Mods", o bought the Ducati Performance Kit: Full Termignoni, Air Filter, Pen, Led Turn Lights.

    Until now my Hyper have 12k and recently the engine light to started to be "ON"...

    First time I took it to the dealer and they said it was a communication problem between the control unit and the speedometer...=S They clean the errors and made an speedometer update. After that when i was arriving home the light turn on again... I took it again to the dealer and it was related with lambda sensor. (Now i'm waiting for the new sensor.)

    leave you some photos:

    These are just for fun xD

    My last Spring Season video:

    Probably my next mod will be a QuickShifter =D

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    i already bought the Quickshifter (Translogic), it will arrive next week. ;) After install it i will post photos and video.

    Leave you two photos and my last video:

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