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    Thinking of having a go.

    I'm thinking of having a go at racing and have a couple of dumb questions.

    I'm thinking of a 450cc bike as I'm 16st so reckon a 250 would be under powered, have been looking at Honda CRF's what other makes would you recommend, is there a good place to look for sorted SM bikes or are crossers with road wheels ok for starting on.

    My back ground is road racing in my youth and I stopped trackdays in 2009 when I took up trials so I'm not new to bikes just SM.

    Any advice will be much appreciated.


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    I find it quite disappointing that over 300 odd people have viewed this and not one to speak up or offer advice. This forum is dead.
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    Over 2000 views now and still same...... is there another forum somewhere ? That actually has active members ??

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    I've just bought a bike myself, not ridden supermoto before, my experience is a bit of off road as a kid and road sports bikes on the road since. I'm 6ft 2 & 14.5 stone, I've gone 450 as i think a 250 would feel a bit flat when your getting on the straights. Saying that though, i haven't ridden one on tarmac so don't take my word for it. Friend of mine is riding supermoto for 7 years now and he helped me out with choosing, i went for an 08 KTM SMR 450. Paid a bit more for it than i would have originally liked but the bike is clean and had recent engine re-build. Not ridden it on track yet as i am still working out the logistics of getting the bike there.

    I have spent a lot of time looking, if your going just on the track, get something that has been prepared for the track, not an enduro that's just got SM wheels on it, there not going to handle the same way. Again this is not my experience but i have been in the middle of a lot of discussion with actual racers and i took their advice. Each to their own though.

    Hope this helps, good luck with the search.

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