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    Supermoto vlog group riders

    Hi lads and ladies,

    I am looking at starting a supermoto forum group of riders to vlog with (video log).

    For those who aren't sure what I mean it's basically a group of riders riding routes, going to meets, have a blast out etc whilst the whole is being filmed and voice narrated via head mount go pro camera.

    The videos will be uploaded to my YouTube channel maybe labelled supermoto forum riders then where ever we are going etc! Every rider in the video will get a mention too.

    For an idea of what I'm talking about search Motonosity on YouTube.

    Would be beneficial if you were Midlands based as it won't be too far to meet up.

    KTM 520 Supermoto

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    Hi mate,
    I'm a motovlogger (link in sig), I'm based in Oxfordshire and ride a 2t 125 so distance is a bit sketchy, but I'd be well up for something close-ish to me.

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    Hey Sam you got Facebook I can hit you up on?

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