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    Current UK market

    Hi everyone, I have been off of the supermoto market for way too long and it seems like I am getting to the realisation that most of the names I used to know are just a long gone memory.

    The question actually is, what supermoto (new) can someone buy in UK? Is there anything available beyond the usual suspects of the like of KTM and Ducati? Just to put things in context I am coming from the days when the DRZ-400SM was still a thing in Europe, as well as the Aprilia SXV, or Husaberg, or CCM, etc.

    What about the about the CRF? Is it still an insane choice or the engine improved? Or the the husky SMR for instance... I guess, as you can see, that I need a fairly decent crash course about the current status of the market out there, so please don't be shy and pass any info you have or think could be relevant.

    Also possibly worth mentioning that I am after an agile lightweight supermoto, with a good balance between reliability and fun that can be used both as daily commuter or for short trips here and there. Conversions are also welcome if they are a viable solution.

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