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Finally Here it is, 2013 500 exc.

My MS paint skills are on the up. ;)

What are people doing for a beringer speedo pickup magnet?

The plans are to get my suspension sent away, lowered and revalved for road SM. Who to?
A new colour scheme, plastics and graphics. Black / White? White / Orange? White / Black / Orange?
Loose the massive number plate.
What else do i need to do?

Cheers, Marc

Hey, looking to find what this is worth. Genuine 6.4 hours from new.

It has 2013 450 smr front suspension with the fork bottom changed to suit the brake.
2010 smr rear shock.
Scott's steering damper
6pot beringer with master cylinder.
Carbon matrix Sm wheels
Full ti akra

Everything to turn it back into an exc apart from chain and front brake switch.

Reason for sale is it doesn't get used.

Cheers, Marc.