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    In my inept opinion......ditch the yellow / blue bodywork for black and that will be a pretty shit hot looking berg....looks a bargain!!

    Oh.... and dont even think of a pre 04 berg however cheap ...the 04 onwards are light years ahead of the old ditchpumps!!!!!

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    Yellow and blue has already been ditched mate frame is now white and have black plastics waiting to go on!

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    pre 04 and reliable not in the same sentence shud be in a museum i had two one standard 650 and one tuned by frank wraffles both had crank mods both wudnt start when hot standard one went through top end every other meeting tuned blew itself to bits every meeting for no reason dave clarke did all work and cud never get it to last

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    its no coincidence berg rhymes with turd

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    That's very very cheap.. love the rims stripes... does anyone now where to get some like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dantastic View Post
    Hi All,

    Ive always wanted a berg but have heard so much bad press. Are the 1500 02/03 bergs you see on Ebay serious time bombs or seriously good value bikes? They cant all be lemons surely?

    Quote Originally Posted by 3banana View Post
    depends who's owned them, some are horrors waiting to hurt. others can be fine depending on what has been done to them, I raced one for 4 years, had the odd failure but it never cost much to put right. you do have to be good with spanners to keep one in good running order. Karl couldn't keep one alive as he was too thick
    Ive got 3bananas old bike, the one he is reffering to above. I bought it over a year ago and pretty much rebuilt it. The engine was completely rebuilt by Husaberg specialists Dave Clark Racing to the tune of around 700. I also had the forks rebuilt and replaced the sprockets, air filter, chain guides and wheels, rear tyre (front is excellent), stripped and rebuilt the swing arm bearings etc.

    I rode the bike for the first time since rebuild just yesterday hence me being on here today, it reawakened my interest. It starts extremely easily and runs very well.

    Bob (3banana) used to commute on it so longevity isnt a problem.

    I only went for a short blast yesterday as the bike ran out of mot last September but it would be sold with a full ticket. It will fly through the mot, no question.

    The bike has many modifications to make it as reliable as the later bike, Bob sent me the full list if youre interested. It also has Beringer complete front brake system.

    The bike will be sold with offroad wheels, tyres, sprocket, disc and loads of spares.

    Im only selling it as Ive also got a Triumph Street Triple and a CRF450R SM and, as you can tell, the Husaberg never gets used.

    1795 buys the lot. The first pic was taken just yesterday. Second pic is partway through the rebuild. Third pic shows too many toys. Lots more pics available including those of the rebuild.
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    Just got some more pics. Im in Bradford if its of interest to you
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    ive got a 2002 it did die HOWEVER ive upgraded EVERYthing that can fail and its proving just as reliable as everything else. new oil every 5 hours and tappets every 15 . i thrash it most times im out and got 3000km trouble free

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