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    The Pride Of Britain

    Okay, now im back i can get working on the build. Its going to be a slow and steady one as i want everything to be spot on, luckily i have the SDR to keep me going in the mean time.

    What led to the build? - I started getting abit carried away buying parts for my 525 so decided 'sod it' and contiued buying up parts to build a complete bike instead.

    It took some time to think of a name for the build but when the forces got awarded the pride of britain awards for service in Afghan 'The Pride Of Britain' seemed an apropriate name.

    List of parts brought for the build so far...

    DevTech frame
    DevTech swing arm
    560SMR engine
    41mm carb
    Suter slipper clutch
    Factory WP Trax shock
    52mm WP factory forks
    Xtrig triples(factory ones for the forks)
    Red Beringer radial caliper
    Red Beringer disc
    Red Beringer BR12 MC
    Red Beringer clutch MC
    Dual FMF titanium pipes
    Red CDI with mapping switch
    Factory K&N with carbon pipe to fit carb
    KTM SXS steering damper
    KTM SXS rear brake caliper + MC

    A few parts...

    2008 conversion work... This was done by a top bloke called Gavin at an yes i will be having the lower tank lugs moved aswell.

    Just a little taster...

    UPDATE 02/06/12

    All of the following work was carried out by Nick at
    The only person i managed to find, thanks to Taffy, that would re-anodise my triples from blue to red.

    I'll think you'll agree a good finish on these triples


    The lug for the bottom tank mounts which now fit bob on

    Frame was stripped and re-powdercoated black.

    UPDATE 15/06/12

    Wheels have arrived Thanks to KingKarl

    Having a little trouble fitting the clamps to the devtech frame but hopefully by the end of the weekend i'll have a rolling chassis sorted

    UPDATE 16/06/12

    Note... If you fancy building yourself a KTM, use a standard frame not a devtech one... Seems Devtech didnt use EXC/SMR head bearings or stem for their SMR frame. Back to the drawing board yet again...


    I have finally got a set of head bearings for the devtech frame. Going to take some work to get a stem made for it though but i have boshed a few bits together just to give abit moe of a taster to the build...

    Yes i know its the slowest build in NATO...

    The elusive bearings...

    Far from ready i know but heres a few pics to have a butchers at...

    UPDATE 24/11/14

    Yes, I know its longest build in NATO and taken over 2 years so far. I reckon by the time its finished it will have been 3 years from the day I started it.

    Still away at the moment so cant give any pictures yet but there has been some progress...

    Mark at MDR Services has vapour blasted the engine so it should look nice and new now. Best thing is due to me being on tour he did it for free, top bloke...

    The engine has been given a full rebuild, its sat at the workshop waiting for my return. HM racing did a rebuild on it before I brought the engine, so I was told, well it clearly hadn't had a good job done, a high lift cam had been fitted but it was hitting the rocker and warn it down.

    UPDATE 14/01/15

    Okay, so here is the engine ready to roll... well bar the oil filter covers.

    UPDATE 01/01/2016

    Okay so I want to try and get rid of all the orange so I've been doing a bit of tinkering, still work to be done to get them looking good...

    The carb has been stripped and vapour blasted by Mark at
    Top bloke and he's done a really good job on this and my engine. I would of had it sonic cleaned but Mark only being down the road made it a lot more convenient.

    Decided to give the float bowl a paint, I know they'll be mixed opinions on this but hey...

    My dad and his missus came home to find this...

    With a little added bling, yes they may be meant as performance mods but I've got them purely for looks...

    Pics are not the best taken with my iPad which has no flash.

    A problem I have found is that the carb is the newer one without the removable bell housing, okay I knew this before but I didn't actually pay any attention to how much different it is to the older carb with the removable bell housing and the carbon pipe doesn't fit it. From what I gather after a little searching is that the air filter boot for the newer carb as the velocity stack built in to it.
    I seem to keep adding to the list of problems to solve every time I get something done on this build.
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    Look forward to seeing this mate

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    me too,good on ya asbo

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    cant wait to see this bike. any help needed let me know

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    Thread updated...

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    Very nice mate. will it still be getting road reg'd?
    Them forks look well chunky

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhofty View Post
    Very nice mate. will it still be getting road reg'd?
    Them forks look well chunky
    Sure will, it wont get abused as much as the 525 did though now that i have the SDR

    And yes, those forks are FAT :D

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    Very nice mate! Make sure it dont wind up like dhofty's bike and never used? :p

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    The frame looks amazing,looking forward to seeing you progress.


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