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    Noob with a welcome and noob questions.

    Hello SMF,
    I've come here from the UK ktm forum, I've been on there for a while but rarely post. i know everyone loves answering these sort of questions but IM actually having a bit of a hard time finding out the answers.

    I've bought myself a 2013 500 exc to convert to supermoto. I've always fancied doing this but never really had the balls to commit to a purchase.
    So where do i start?
    Wheels, what sizes?
    Suspension needs set up i guess but what needs done to it?
    Brakes, fuck knows?
    What else?
    And supermoto shops seem very rare in the UK. So where is good to buy stuff from?
    Sorry for boring you.
    Cheers, Marc

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    wheels from me, click the alpina pic

    ya need 16.5 front for race... or 17 if using on road too... 5.0x17 rear

    suspension, Pro Action near Goole west yorkshire are coolio

    Theres always secondhand brakes on here

    Get your name down for flidfest, a great place to start

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    Cheers KK, that's a good starting point. It will be a road going bike so i guess it will be a 17 inch front. A 5" rear? Will that clear the chain ok?
    As for Flid fest i am currently a SM friendless beginner. Wouldn't i just be in the way?

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    Khaca Chinga, Nangarhar, Afghanistan, Afghanistan
    they only use 5.0 or 5.5 rears.... both clear fine but 5.0 turns better

    The fest is sweet for virgins.... in fact theres a few more virgins coming also

    Ya wont be in anyones way, by far the best way to learn the ropes at your own pace

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    Ok Cheers, i'll look into it. Expect an order tommorow, probably afew more questions aswell.


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    welcome mate , as KK says pro action for your suspension they do a pick up & delivery service
    as for sm shops???? SupermotoDaz Limited is a good place to have a look and a helpfull fella too

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    Cheers, Mate.

    Seems a good laid out site, they are abit few and far between though.

    I've posted on the KTM Forum aswell.

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    Hi and Welcome to the SMF Marc

    You can have a look there for some info; KTM 500 EXC supermoto conversion.
    Almost finished now, here are up to date pictures of my 500exc;

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    Thanks mate, looking lovely. Yours is one of the few threads on the internet about it.


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    well I might have a look for some second hand forks they would be cheaper plus if you fancied a bit of off roading you can jus swap em back same with brake too suppose it depends how big your budget is really you do see wheels on here for sale often with sprocket and discs still on which could save you 400 alone not to say them alpinas arnt nice like
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