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    KTM exc 400 brake upgrade ?

    Hi Guys

    wanted some knowledge on my new KTM EXC 400 ( 2004 ) as i went for my first blast the other day , and was very underwhelmed by the braking , the bike has both sets of wheels so will be used 50/50 between off road and supermoto , but to be honest will spend the majority of the time Supermoto.

    HM Racing a company i used a lot for my sports bike said i have two options.

    1. upgrade the front disc to a 320mm and buy the Brembo calliper bracket (they said this wouldn't make a massive difference ?)
    2. New "Braking" calliper ( 175 ) and new Master cylinder ( Brembo rcs 15 @ 245 ) obviously with the larger disc.

    i guess i could do this in a 2 step phase if i didn't feel the step 1 was offering good enough braking.

    i will use the disc i currently run, on the off road wheels to save me having to swap every time i change the wheels to and forth , but is it also worth having two sets of pads due to bigger disc size and bedding in with another disc ?

    thanks in advance.


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